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  • Grand Teton National Park
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    Grand Teton National Park is my personal favorite national park. Numerous factors add to this preference, from the iconic Teton Mountains, to the immense preserved valley of Jackson Hole, to the stunning and epic hiking trails, to the remarkable wildlife, symbolized by the queen herself, Grizzly Bear #399. A plethora of overlooks along Highway 89 and the Teton Park Road give casual sightseers more than they could ask for, while the wildlife that calls this area home is frequently spotted along both roads, as well as the Moose-Wilson Road, Antelope Flats, and the northern reaches of the park, such as the now-famous, Pilgrim Creek. High in the mountains, every canyon beckons hikers to ascend to higher elevations, with the Teton Crest Trail crowning many of the canyons and remaining one of the must-do hikes of the United States. No matter where you look, Grand Teton National Park has no shortage of outdoor entertainment and recreation opportunities.