Canelo Hills { 184 images } Created 24 May 2022

The Canelo Hills stretch out westward from the western Huachuca Mountains. As the foothills of the mountains, they're a beautiful collection of rolling grassland, high desert hills. Their presence preserves a unique piece of the desert in southern Arizona. Though often overlooked, the hills have an overwhelming pleasantness and relaxing feel to them and offer majestic views of the Huachucas to the east, and the Santa Rita Mountains to the west. They wind down in the western end at the charming town of Patagonia, Arizona where they meet with the southern foothills from the Santa Rita Mountains. Sadly, such a beautiful landscape is also under a threat for its permanent destruction through a mining operation. Efforts are underway to preserve the area, but only time will tell if they're successful. It'd be tragic to lose such a remarkable and remote gem of southern Arizona.
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