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The Mogollon Rim is the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, a massive uplift stretching from the four corners area of the American southwest. "The Rim" extends from west of Flagstaff, Arizona all the way into New Mexico. The longest ponderosa pine forest in the world covers all of the rim. Areas around the towns of Pine and Payson are popular escapes from summer heat in the nearby Sonoran Desert. In many spots in the Coconino National Forest, campers can walk up to the rim's edge and overlook dozens of miles of mountains. From here, the forested areas gradually transition into arid desert. Farther west, Highway 89A heads north onto the rim after passing through Sedona, where the uplift exposed Navajo Sandstone giving the town its unique identity. North from there is Oak Creek Canyon where the highway climbs to the top of the canyon where a beautiful overlook looks straight down the canyon.
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