Picacho Peak State Park { 39 images } Created 24 May 2022

Picacho Peak shoots out of the flat desert floor along I-10. It can be seen from miles away as drivers approach from either Phoenix or Tucson. Picacho Peak State Park surrounds the peak and the base of the affiliated mountains, and even includes a campground for travelers. The park also maintains a number of trails both around the peak and up to the summit. One of the more popular trails is the Hunter Trail, which brings hikers on an adventurous climb up to the peak's summit. This particular trail often makes use of steel cables for support up steep cliff faces and bridges made of wire and wood to cross rocky ledges. From the summit, an exhilarating view of the surrounding Sonoran Desert can be seen for dozens of miles in every direction. It's a loved retreat for residents of both Phoenix and Tucson and beyond.
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