Saguaro National Park { 117 images } Created 24 May 2022

Saguaro National Park contains a fantastic diversity of flora and fauna. The park is named for the incredible and iconic saguaro cactus of the Sonoran Desert. These ancient desert trees cover the lower elevations of the park, which also climbs to over 8,500 feet above sea level to the top of Mica Mountain. It's here that the Arizona Trail connects park trails to give hikers a completely different taste of an ecosystem in one of southern Arizona's signature sky islands. At these higher elevations, Manning Camp is surrounded by ponderosa pine forests flourishing atop the sky island mountains. On the north side of Mica Mountain dramatic and expansive views of the high desert stretch for hundreds of miles. To the south are wonderful views of many other sky islands and valleys below. The park is also divided into two different blocks, an east block and a west block. The east block is where the Visitor Center is located as well as the majority of hiking trails. The west block also has stunning scenery and shares a border with the Tucson Mountain Park.
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