Santa Catalina Mountains { 216 images } Created 24 May 2022

The Santa Catalina Mountains are a sky island like no other. The mountains provide a dramatic backdrop behind the city of Tucson, Arizona and are home to the country's southern-most ski resort at Mount Lemmon. The resort is situated high up in the ponderosa pine forest thousands of feet above the surrounding Sonoran Desert. At the base of the mountains is the famous Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. This protected area features a large network of popular trails through the surrounding desert and ascents into gorgeous canyons. The mountains are also home to plenty of wildlife, including black bears and cougars. Recently, bighorn sheep were even reintroduced to the Pusch Ridge Wilderness, a large wilderness area covering much of the mountains. By driving the Santa Catalina Highway, visitors can easily drive from the Sonoran Desert, where they're surrounded by saguaro cactus, up to a ponderosa pine forest in a very short time.
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