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The Teton Park Road runs parallel to Highway 89, but much closer to the base of the Teton Mountains. Stretching from the town of Moose and north to the Jackson Lake Dam Junction, the road provides access to scenic spur roads, as well as a large number of trailheads to access the trails in the mountains. Popular trailheads such as String Lake, Leigh Lake, Lupine Meadows, Jenny Lake, and Taggart Lake can all be found along the road, with even more smaller and less traveled trails available along the way for exploration as well. Both the Signal Mountain Summit Road and the old RKO Road are also accessed from the Teton Park Road, allowing scenic detours for those with more time to explore. The road also passes the popular Jackson Lake Dam, a frequent spot for bears while the snow's still melting, as well as for people putting in non-motorized boats to float down the Snake River, or even just try their luck at fishing. Whatever the situation, the Teton Park Road is a vital corridor for virtually anyone visiting Grand Teton National Park.
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